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Homeflower Standing Fan -hf-1801 - 18'' - 50W

Homeflower Standing Fan -hf-1801 - 18'' - 50W Fans image
Homeflower Standing Fan -hf-1801 - 18'' - 50W
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  • Model: hf-1801
  • Weight: 15.00kg
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Yet another elegant-looking powerful pedestal fan from the house of  homeflower. homeflower  is your perfect partner for smooth and uninterrupted cool air. Its superior features guarantee top-notch performance with utmost convenience. Built with a powerful copper motor and aerodynamically designed blades, homeflower runs at a high-speed o without any jerks or interruptions, ensuring continuous airflow. Built to last, it features a wide 45cm sturdy base that gives it stability, an in-built overheat/overload protector to safeguard against any burnouts, and silicon steel lamination embedded motor for higher efficiency and durability. A perfect combination of robust performance and durability, the homeflower standing fan makes for a beautiful addition to your home.



  • HIGH SPEED FAN – | 40 cm Sweep | 95 m³/min Air Delivery | Aerodynamically Designed ABS Blades for Higher Air Thrust & Durability
  • ULTRA CONVENIENT – 3 Speed Setting | Smooth & Jerk Free Synchronous Motor Driven Oscillation | Telescopic Height With Adjustable Metal Stand
  • BUILT TO LAST – Strong ABS Body | Powerful Copper Motor
  • SAFE & EFFICIENT – In-built Overheat and Overload Protector | CRNO Lamination Embedded Motor | 45 cm Wide Base For Stability
  • Finish Type: Glossy; Material Type: Polypropylene

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