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Shop our quality collections of cctv camera accessories: power cable, connector, coaxial cable, at the best price, from Ighomall Nigeria, delivery within Nigeria.

Ighomall Nigeria offers quality products at the best price you can never get elsewhere, we do follow-up on every of our sold products, just to ensure you enjoy what you buy. We offer delivery within Nigeria and you can also pick-up from our store.

Brand: UNIVERSAL Model: 1 to 2 Way DC Power Cable Splitter
DC Female to 2 DC Male power splitter cable. Very useful cable in splitting power from one power supply to two cameras. The DC connectors on this cable are standard 2.1mm for professional CCTV products. This DC splitter cable is about 5 inches in length.What's included?1 x 1 DC Female to DC Mal..
Brand: UNIVERSAL Model: 9 Ways Power Supply Unit
Channel Fused CCTV Power Supply Unit (CCTV Central Power) offers a more professional alternative to individual power adapters for powering 8 CCTV cameras. Mounting flange design allows easy wall mountingFEATURES:General protection: each output has independent PTC fuse and LED indicator, when ..
Brand: UNIVERSAL Model: cctv
FEATURES:Fully Weatherproofed Jacket- The cable's full PVC jacketing allows it to be installed on the exterior of buildings or even ran underground!Massive 300m Reel- This huge cable reel is perfect for installing larger multi camera setups.Wooden Reel- Cable is mounted onto heavy duty wooden re..
Brand: BNC Model: 3 Piece Crimp Connector
BNC 3 Piece Crimp Connector Pack of 50 has BNC Male Plug connection Used to terminate stranded RG59 coax cable Perfect for custom wiring jobs and BNC crimp connectors are a great and easy way for the professional CCTV installer or do-it-yourself user to securely tip BNC ends on s..
Brand: BNC Model: Coax Compression Connector
BNC Coax Compression Connector Pack of 20 comes great reliability 360 degree true radial compression to ensure the connector grips to the cable BNC RG59U Compression Connectors are for the professional CCTV installerKEY FEATURESBNC RG59U Compression Connectors are for the professional CCTV installer..
Brand: BNC Model: Coupler F to F Connector
BNC Coupler F To F Connector Pack of 50 has Connector to use in between the two security camera cables with Male BNC ends BNC Coupler that lets the user connect two BNC video cables Couplers such as this for use with HD-SDI cameras KEY FEATURESBNC Coupler that lets the user connect two BNC vide..
Brand: BNC Model: F to Rca M Connector
If you are looking for an easy way to terminate a BNC video cable to RCA, then this is it. It converts the male BNC end of a cctv cable to RCA male that connects to the video input of regular TVs...
Brand: BNC Model: Male to Rca Male Connector
BNC Male to RCA Male Adapter that comes in handy when you need to test your security camera by connecting it directly to the RCA input on the back of a TV...
Brand: BNC Model: Vga Converter
BNC Vga Converter comes with VGA computer monitor into a CCTV video monitor DC-5V outside power supply 1 BNC video input Compact size plug and play installationKEY FEATURESMake any standard VGA computer monitor into a CCTV video monitorCompact size, plug and play installationBrig..
Brand: UNIVERSAL Model: DC Female to Female Coupler
DC Female to Female coupler connects two DC Male ends together. Great for use when your security camera cable has been run backwards.What's included?DC Female to DC Female Connector (coupler)..
Brand: UNIVERSAL Model: DC Power Splitter Cable, 1 Male to 2 Female DC Jack
This power splitter cable is the opposite of the regular DC power splitter. It still takes power from one power adaptor and splits it in to two, but the connectors are reversed for situations where you have the connectors reversed in your setup. It has 1 Male (plug) and splits it two DC Femal..
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