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Conduit Materials

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Get your industrial and automotive conduit materials; 100x100mm PVC trunking, 12X12 Adaptable Box, 20mm Inspection Tee, 20mm PVC 3 Hole Looping Box (20pcs Pack), from Ighomall Nigeria at affordable prices, delivery available within Lagos.

Ighomall Nigeria offers quality products at the best price you can never get elsewhere, we do follow-up on every of our sold products, just to ensure you enjoy what you buy. We offer delivery within Nigeria and you can also pick-up from our store.

Brand: UNIVERSAL Model: Steel Electrical Fishing Tape (Cable Puller)
FEATURES:Regarding steel or plastic draw in band with long searching spring.   To have an idea of this product let me explain about it: Electricians need this product to pass in conduit electrical pipe the electrical cable in side the walls of houses, building, etc. Steel or plas..
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