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Brand: QASA Model: QBL 15L40
The QBL 15L40 Blender is one appliance that will ensure top quality and hassle-free blending of cocktails, milkshakes, compotes or just general meals that require blending. The blender features a pure copper motor for durability and a non slip base for safety. With a cup volume of 1.5L and a p..
Brand: QASA Model: QBL-18L40
A powerful 350W motor along with premium serrated blades made of high quality steel; strong and sharp, ensure the best results with minimal noise. A non-slip base ensures ease and convenient use, a 1.8 litre capacity, 4 speed settings and  multifunctional grinder round up the features of this p..
Brand: QASA Model: QKT-2000
QASA 1.8L Electric Jug QKT-2000 has automatic switch-off in, anti-dry heating, 1800W rated power. It is high quality concealed and electric plastic.KEY FEATURES:Power indicator lightAutomatic switch-off inboilingAnti-dry heating360° detachable baseFood grade high qualityplasticHigh quality concealed..
Brand: QASA Model: QKT-2000
QASA 1.8L Electric Jug QKT-2000 Plastic has 360° detachable base, power indicator light, automatic switch-off in boiling, anti-dry heating and 2000w rated power.Key Features:Power indicator lightAutomatic switch-off in boilingAnti-dry heating360° detachable baseFood grade high quality plasticHi..
Brand: QASA Model: AVR-PRO 1000VA
QASA 1000VA AVR-PRO STABLIZER comes with delayed function, multi-function socket, sure & shock protection, overload protection and wide input of 100V-280V.KEY FEATURES:Delayed FunctionMulti-functional SocketSurge & Shock ProtectionEasy HandlesOverload ProtectionReplaceable Fuse ProtectionWid..
Brand: QASA Model: AVR-PRO 10000VA
QASA 10kVA Automatic Voltage Regulator AVR 10000VA has 100-280V wide input voltage, microprocessor control, high & low voltage protection, selectable delay time and also comes with wheel.KEY FESTURES: Cooling fanWide Input Voltage: 100V-280VMicroprocessor ControlHigh & Low Voltage Protectio..
Brand: QASA Model: QRF-2912
QASA 12 Inches Rechargeable Table Fan QRF-2912 comes with 6V 4.5h battery, USB Charger, DC 12V Socket, AC Socket. Ithas 24W power consumption, AC 230V 50Hz power supply, 500±10%mA current rating and Low/Mid/High Fan speed. KEY FEATURES: Power comsumption: 2..
Brand: QASA Model: QBT-0700A12V
QASA 12V 70AH Lead Acid Battery QBT-0700A12V has 14.5-14.9V cycle use, 13.5-13.8V standby use and less than 21A initial current.KEY FEATURES:Cycle Use : 14.5-14.9VStandby Use :13.5-13.8VInitial Current : Less Than 21A..
Brand: QASA Model: QBT-0070A12V
Qasa 12V 7Ah Lead Acid Battery QBT-0070A12V can be used to power UPS, TV & fans. It self discharge ratio less than 3% per month at 25 degree Census and valve regulated lead acid(VRLA) batteries that can be stored for more than 6months at 25 degree census.KEY FEATURES:It can be used to power UPS,..
Brand: QASA Model: QOF-1602
QASA 16 Inches Orbit Fan has 72 hours non-stop guaranty, Engineering plastic motor gears, Oily copper metallurgical bush, Low running noise, 1300rpm speed and 50W power input.KEY FEATURES:72 hours non-stop guaranty120?wider coverageEngineering plastic motor gearsOily copper metallurgical bushLow run..
Brand: QASA Model: QRF-6916HR
QASA 16 Inches Rechargeable Fan with Remote Control QRF-6916HR has adjustable height, DC 12V DC input socket, Solar Panel Capable (20watts 12v-18v), USB port, 4.5hr/High, 12hr/Low duration time, rechargeable battery, battery % indicator and USB port.KEY FEATURES:Adjustable height DC 1..
Brand: QASA Model: QRF-7116R
QASA 16 Inches Rechargeable Mist Fan With Remote Control QRF-7116R ha 80W power input, 500±10%mA rated current, 12V4.5Ah x1 battery,1700±10%max speed, 380mm blade size, 2L water tank, 35hrs@Strong; 80hrs@Weak light duration, 2hrs @High speed/step 9, 5.5hrs @Mid speed/step 5,..
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