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Brand: Binatone Model: A-1691
Binatone 16 Inches Stand Fan A-1691comes with 3 speed push button selector Swivel & height adjustment High efficiency blades 128 rib safety grill 50w power and AC cord windKEY FEATURES:High efficiency bladesSilent and breezySturdyElegant Swivel & height adjustment3 speed push button sel..
Brand: Binatone Model: VS-1656
Binatone 16 Inches Stand Fan VS-1656 comes with High efficiency blades Swivel 1.5M adjustable height 128 rib safety grill 3 speed push button selector and Sfurdy buildKEY FEATURES:High efficiency blades3 speed push button selectorSwivel 1.5M adjustable heightSilent and breezySfurdy buildElegant desi..
Brand: Binatone Model: A-1693
Binatone 16 Inches Standing Fan comes with Height Adjustable to 1.75m High-efficiency twin blades Touch panel LED display in white light Safety grill Long life motor and Silent operationKEY FEATURES:High-efficiency twin bladesRoom temperature readout displayTouch panel LED display in white lightVari..
Brand: Binatone Model: A1687 RC
Binatone 16-Inch Standing Fan With Remote Control - A1687 RCA-1687 RCBring home a revamped stand fan with remote control from Binatone and forget the woes of summer. This fan is a perfect amalgamation of speed, strength, and automation. Remote control operationSilent & breezyPower 45WHigh-effici..
Brand: Binatone Model: VS-1657
Binatone 1640 Series Standing Fan - VS-1657VS-1657This elegant, sturdy stand fan is simple to operate with 3-speed buttons. 5-fin blades provide gentle and breezy, to full power air flow, while being silent at all settings. High-efficiency bladesSilent & breezySwivel and height adjustment128 rib..
Brand: Binatone Model: OBF-1801
The 60W Binatone 18 Inches Orbit Fan OBF-1801 is the definition of portability for it is‎ extremely easy to handle‎ and provides you with a very simple moving mechanism.With 360 degree rotation,High efficiency blade,Quiet operation and 3 speed control. These makes it Perfect for home,office and shop..
Brand: Binatone Model: RCF-1855
Binatone 18 Inches Rechargeable Fan - RCF-1855RCF-1855With the new stand fan range from Binatone which comes with remote control and rechargeable batteries, you can now welcome cool breezes from the comfort of your couch. Long-life powerful rechargeable fan12V 6.5Ah AGM replaceable battery9-spe..
Brand: Binatone Model: ES-1800(METAL)
Binatone 18 Inches Stand Fan Elite Series ES-1800 Brass  comes with Swivel and height adjustment 1.5M height 3 speed selector switch Sturdy build 60W Power and 230V~50Hz ACKEY FEATURES3 speed selector switchSwivel and height adjustmentSilent & breezySturdy buildEleg..
Brand: Binatone Model: TS-1880(MK2)
Binatone 18 Inches Stand Fan TS-1880 MK2 comes with 135 rib safety grill Swivel and Height adjustment High speed Aluminum blades and 3 Speed selectorKEY FEATURE:Hi-speed Aluminum blades3 Speed selectorSwivel and Height adjustmentSturdy135 rib safety grillLong life motorThe 18-inch long three fin bla..
Brand: Binatone Model: HDF-2021
Binatone 20 Inches Heavy Duty Industrial Fan HDF-2021 comes with 3-speed selector 3-fin metal blade 1.8-meter height and 125w powerKEY FEATURES:20" Industrial Fan HDF-20213-speed selector3-fin metal blade1.8-meter height125W Power..
Brand: Binatone Model: HDF-2620
Binatone 26 Inches Heavy Duty Industrial Fan HDF-2620 comes with 190w power 3-fin metal blade 3 speed selector Heavy duty cross base 2 meter height etcKEY FEATURES3 speed selector3-fin metal bladeHeavy duty motorSingle phase power supply2 meter heightHeavy duty cross basePower 19..
Brand: Binatone Model: HDF-3020
Binatone 30 Inches industrial standing fan HDF-3020 comes with Powerful Performance Motor 3 Speed Selector and 2 Meter HeightKEY FEATURES3 Speed Selector30-Inch Metal Blades2 Meter HeightHeavy Duty BasePowerful Performance MotorThe Binatone 30" Industrial Fan has a height of 2 metres ..
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