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Explore Ighomall Nigeria's Extensive Range of Generators, Multimeters, Sewing Machines, Power Tools,

Welcome to Ighomall Nigeria, your one-stop destination for a wide range of machines, tools, and equipment. As a leading provider of high-quality solutions, we offer an extensive selection of products to meet your industrial, commercial, and personal needs. Explore our collection of generators, multimeters, sewing machines, power tools, measuring scales, and industrial tools, and discover the perfect solutions to power your projects and enhance your productivity.
Generators: Our generators provide reliable power solutions for a variety of applications. Whether you need backup power for your home or a portable generator for outdoor activities, our range of generators offers durability, fuel efficiency, and exceptional performance.

Multimeters: Stay on top of electrical measurements with our precision multimeters. These versatile tools allow you to measure voltage, current, resistance, and more, making them essential for electricians, technicians, and DIY enthusiasts.

Sewing Machines: Create beautiful garments and unleash your creativity with our high-quality sewing machines. From basic models for beginners to advanced machines for professional tailors, our sewing machines offer ease of use, durability, and a wide range of stitching options.

Power Tools: Get the job done efficiently with our range of power tools. From drills and saws to sanders and grinders, our power tools are designed to deliver exceptional performance and precision. Whether you're working on a woodworking project or tackling home renovations, our power tools are your reliable companions.

Measuring Scales: Accurate measurements are crucial in various industries, and our measuring scales ensure precision and reliability. From kitchen scales for precise cooking measurements to industrial scales for weighing heavy loads, we offer a wide range of measuring scales to suit different needs.

Industrial Tools: Our selection of industrial tools includes a variety of equipment and accessories to support your industrial operations. From wrenches and hammers to safety gear and storage solutions, our industrial tools are built to withstand demanding environments and increase productivity.

At Ighomall Nigeria, we are committed to providing top-notch products and a seamless shopping experience. With our user-friendly website, you can easily browse through our extensive range of machines, tools, and equipment, compare specifications, and read customer reviews. Our expert team is also available to assist you in choosing the right products for your specific requirements.

Enhance your projects and achieve professional results with high-quality machines, tools, and equipment from Ighomall Nigeria. Explore our wide range of products and experience the power of quality tools in your hands.

Brand: UNIVERSAL Model: 1.5HP / 1.1KW Submersible Water Pump
Upgrade your water management system with our powerful 1.5HP 1.1KW Submersible Water Pump. Designed for efficiency and durability, this pump is ideal for various applications, from residential to commercial use, ensuring reliable water supply even in demanding conditions...
Brand: UNIVERSAL Model: 1000g Digital scale Mini Pocket
Enhance your precision weighing needs with our 1000g Digital Display Pocket Scale, designed for jewellery and substances. This portable scale offers accurate measurements up to 1000 grams, making it perfect for jewellery making, scientific experiments, and more. Featuring a clear digital display, th..
Brand: UNIVERSAL Model: AC300-100A
Monitor and analyze your electrical consumption with the 100A AC Multimeter Power Meter Wattmeter Analyzer. This multifunctional device provides accurate measurements of voltage, current, power, energy, and frequency, allowing you to assess the efficiency of your electrical system. With its easy-to-..
Brand: UNIVERSAL Model: TK15
Monitor your battery's health and performance effortlessly with the 100A Battery Coulometer Display Monitor. This essential device provides accurate real-time data on your battery's state of charge, enabling you to optimize usage and extend its lifespan. With intuitive controls and a clear display, ..
Brand: UNIVERSAL Model: 150kg-TCS
The 150kg Tcs Digital Scale Double Display is a versatile and reliable scale perfect for various industrial and commercial weighing needs. This scale features a robust design capable of handling weights up to 150kg with precision accuracy. The double display feature allows for easy readability from ..
Brand: UNIVERSAL Model: 16 Ton Heavy Duty Hydraulic Jack-Jack
The 16 Ton Heavy Duty Hydraulic Jack is a reliable and sturdy tool designed to lift heavy vehicles and equipment with ease. This high-quality jack is built to last and can withstand up to 16 tons of weight, making it suitable for a wide range of heavy-duty lifting tasks. KEY FEATURES1. 16 ton liftin..
Brand: UNIVERSAL Model: 1HP Submersible Water Pumping Machine
FEATURES:My Home Pump1HP SUBMERSIBLE WATER PUMPING MACHINE100% COPPER WIREStainless steel deepWell submersible pumpDurable under proper power  ..
Brand: UNIVERSAL Model: VAT1200
VAT Series can measure the DC voltage, current, power, charge and discharge capacity, watt hour, time, temperature color coulomb meter; Meter is divided into measurement module and display module, the two modules can use the USB cable to connect the signal transmission, but also through the built-in..
Brand: UNIVERSAL Model: 26V Cordless Drill With Tools
A cordless drill is an electric drill which uses rechargeable batteries.FEATURES:Replacing the screwdriver: The cordless drill’s top use involves attaching and assembling. Using a screw bit, the craftsman can position a screw on the end of the bit and quickly insert it into the project. With the fli..
Brand: MH-Series Model: MH-100
This listing is for one digital pocket scale with 100g capacity and 0.01g resolution. This professional mini scale is equipped with stainless steel platform, and large LCD display with back-lit for easy reading. Its clear protective cover can be easily detached and used as a weighing tray. This ..
Brand: UNIVERSAL Model: 50kg Electronic Travel Luggage Scale
Introducing the 50kg Electronic Travel Luggage Scale - your ultimate travel companion from Ighomall Nigeria. Say goodbye to excess baggage fees with this compact and accurate scale. Whether you're a frequent flyer or an occasional traveler, our electronic luggage scale ensures you never exceed weigh..
Brand: UNIVERSAL Model: 130Kg Analogue Health Scale
FEATURES:General Master Mechanical Personal ScaleAnalogue DisplayHigh AccuracyDesigns May Vary Easy to useSmart Functions/Compact DesignCapacity: 130kg ..
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