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Illuminate your path and brighten up your surroundings with ighomall's selection of rechargeable lanterns. Whether you're camping in the great outdoors or facing a power outage at home, our lanterns offer reliable lighting solutions to keep you safe and comfortable. With various sizes, brightness levels, and features available, you'll find the perfect lantern to suit your needs and preferences.

Experience the convenience of portable lighting with ighomall's rechargeable lanterns. No need to worry about replacing batteries – simply recharge your lantern using USB or solar power and enjoy hours of continuous illumination. Compact and lightweight, these lanterns are easy to carry and store, making them ideal companions for outdoor adventures, emergency situations, or everyday use around the house.

Stay prepared for any situation with ighomall's versatile rechargeable lanterns. Equipped with adjustable brightness settings and durable construction, they provide reliable lighting wherever and whenever you need it. Whether you're navigating dark trails, setting up camp, or simply enjoying a night under the stars, our lanterns ensure you have clear visibility and peace of mind.

Upgrade your lighting arsenal with ighomall's rechargeable lanterns and illuminate your world with ease. With long-lasting battery life, durable designs, and convenient charging options, our lanterns are the perfect blend of functionality and practicality. Don't let darkness hold you back – shine a light on every adventure with ighomall's rechargeable lanterns.

Brand: QASA Model: QLTN-98A
QASA Rechargeable Lantern QLTN-98AFeatures:1.       DV 12V socket2.       Light-dimmer3.       360-degree portable handle with a hanger4.       360..
Brand: QASA Model: QLTN-2420K
The QASA Rechargeable Lantern QLTN-2420K  is equipped with convenient features such as a wire switch for easy operation, auto on/off functionality for added convenience, and indicators to monitor the battery's charge status. With a lighting source consisting of 48 bright LEDs, it provide..
Brand: QASA Model: QLTN-3028LMC
QASA Rechargeable Lantern QLTN-3028LMC : This lantern offers versatile charging options with a USB mobile charger and support for solar charging. It provides ample illumination with 24 bright LED lights and also features a torch function with 4 additional LED lights. The rechargeable bat..
Brand: QASA Model: QLTN-88B
The QASA Rechargeable Lantern QLTN-88B This offers convenient features such as a 5V Micro USB output for charging other devices, a touch panel for easy control, and a light-dimmer function for adjusting brightness. It also includes a rotating handle for easy carrying or hanging, an on-charg..
Brand: QASA Model: QLTN-81B
The QASA Rechargeable LED Torch QLTN-81B features a built-in solar panel for convenient recharging, along with over-discharge and over-charge protection to ensure the longevity of the battery. Its foldable handle offers easy portability and storage. The torch provides a 360° light dispersion..
Brand: UNIVERSAL Model: Rechargeable Desk Lamp LED DP
KEY FEATURES:This product is built-in long life, maintenance-free, high-capacity rechargeable battery 800mAhLong battery life, more than 500 times charge and dischargeUsing energy-saving, high brightness, long life LEDThe use of the touch mode switching, new SMD LED lamp, three sections of brightnes..
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