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At Ighomall, we understand the importance of protecting your valuable electronic devices from voltage fluctuations and power surges. That's why we offer a wide range of stabilizers designed to safeguard your appliances and ensure reliable performance. Whether you're powering sensitive equipment in your home or office, our stabilizers provide the peace of mind you need to keep your devices safe and functional.

Our selection of stabilizers includes options for various voltage capacities and applications, ensuring there's a perfect fit for every need. From small stabilizers for individual devices like televisions and computers to heavy-duty units capable of supporting entire households or commercial operations, Ighomall has you covered.

With advanced features such as automatic voltage regulation, surge protection, and overload protection, our stabilizers offer comprehensive protection against power-related issues. Say goodbye to damaged electronics and costly repairs – with an Ighomall stabilizer, you can rest assured that your devices are receiving stable and safe power at all times.

Upgrade your power protection strategy with Ighomall's range of stabilizers and enjoy uninterrupted operation for your electronic devices. Whether you're looking to protect your home entertainment system, office equipment, or industrial machinery, we have the perfect stabilizer to meet your needs. Trust Ighomall for reliable performance and unbeatable quality in power protection solutions.

Brand: Binatone Model: DVS 2000
Binatone 2kva Digital Voltage Stabilizer DVS 2000 comes with High voltage, Low voltage, High temperature, Short Circuit full protection 110~280V Input voltage Range and Advance CPU Control Circuit etcKEY FEATURES:Output 230V~50HzInput Voltage Range 110~280VAdvance CPU Control CircuitA..
Brand: Binatone Model: WMS-5000
Binatone 5kva Wall Mount Central Stabilizer WMS-5000 comes with Accurate output regulation 110V socket for connecting 110V appliances USB port for charging mobile phones and power banksKEY FEATURESImput voltage range : 110-280VOutput 230v-50Hz6s default delay time,180s if " delay mode..
Brand: Binatone Model: WMS-5000
Binatone 5kva Wall Mount Stabilzer WMS-5000 comes with 110V socket for connecting 11oV appliances 6s default delay time,180s delay mode is selected 230v-50Hz output Suitable foe TVs Home Theatre and small fridges up to 300LKEY FEATURESInput voltage range : 110-280VOutput 230v-50Hz6s default delay ti..
Brand: Binatone Model: DVS-2001
Binatone Digital Voltage Regulator DVS-2001DVS-2001Stay protected against voltage fluctuations using the high-capacity Digital Voltage Stabilizer from Binatone that promises to keep your electric devices safe.Input Voltage Range: 110 - 280VOutput 230V~50HzAdvanced CPU Control CircuitCapacity 2000 VA..
Brand: Binatone Model: DVS-5001
Binatone Digital Voltage Stabilizer - DVS-5001DVS-5001Add this digital automatic voltage regulator to your everyday life and make sure you have a long life for your valuable gadgets and devices. Input Voltage Range: 110 - 280VOutput 230V~50HzAdvanced CPU Control CircuitCapacity 5000 VA (max)Accurate..
Brand: Blue Gate Model: 2000 WATTS
Blue Gate 2kva Automatic Voltage Stabilizer comes with Over-voltage Low-voltage delayed output, short circuit and High temperature protection 98% Efficiency Circuit breaker Classic series, EI transformer, relay type etcKEY FEATUREWide input voltage range (Super Low model also available)Over-voltage,..
Brand: Blue Gate Model: 5000 WATTS
Blue Gate 5kva Automatic Voltage Stabilizer comes with 2M Insulation Resistance Over Voltage Protection High Temperature Protection LED indicator light Pointer voltmeter/LCD display mode etcKEY FEATURESInput And Output DisplayOver Voltage ProtectionOver Load ProtectionLow Ou..
Brand: Century Model: CVR-TUB 1000VA
The Century 1000VA Automatic Voltage Stabilizer CVR-TUB 1000VA allows the user to control the voltage of an industrial equipment. This is made possible with a delay mechanism that protects the device. It comes with a Complete Output Regulation built for durable use.KEY FEATURES:Capacity 1000 VA,For&..
Brand: Century Model: CVR-TUB 2000VA-B
Century 2000VA Tub Stabilizer CVR-TUB 2000VA outputs 220/230V ideal for powering televisions, fans, computers, Home theater, and other valuable household gadgets. The volt indicator provides information on the current input voltage and regulated output voltage. It protects your gadgets from p..
Brand: Century Model: CVR-TUB 2000-VA-B
Century 2000W Wall Mount Stabilizer has durable relays with zero-Cross switching technology, digital, display with large icons, 110V assist output, stability selection buttons, resettable circuit breaker and 100-280V input voltage.KEY FEATURES:Durable relays with zero-Cross switching technologyDigit..
Brand: Century Model: CVR-TUB 5000VA
Most appliances do not last long because of fluctuation in voltage. Voltage is the requirement of any electronic device and proper voltage distribution is also necessary because any fluctuation in current flow may be harmful for your appliances and you can lose money. Now you have an option ..
Brand: Century Model: 5000WATTS
Century 5000W Wall Mount Automatic Voltage Stabilizer; Digital display,Reliable,Regulates current,Pick from 100v,Delay function,Regulates power fluctuations dat are harmful to ur appliance.KEY FEATURES:The CVR-TUB 5000VA-B is the perfect solution to stabilize and maximize your AC’s efficiencyIdeal f..
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