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Brand: Binatone Model: DVS 2000
Binatone 2kva Digital Voltage Stabilizer DVS 2000 comes with High voltage, Low voltage, High temperature, Short Circuit full protection 110~280V Input voltage Range and Advance CPU Control Circuit etcKEY FEATURES:Output 230V~50HzInput Voltage Range 110~280VAdvance CPU Control CircuitA..
Brand: Binatone Model: DVS-2001
Binatone Digital Voltage Regulator DVS-2001DVS-2001Stay protected against voltage fluctuations using the high-capacity Digital Voltage Stabilizer from Binatone that promises to keep your electric devices safe.Input Voltage Range: 110 - 280VOutput 230V~50HzAdvanced CPU Control CircuitCapacity 2000 VA..
Brand: Binatone Model: DVS-5001
Binatone Digital Voltage Stabilizer - DVS-5001DVS-5001Add this digital automatic voltage regulator to your everyday life and make sure you have a long life for your valuable gadgets and devices. Input Voltage Range: 110 - 280VOutput 230V~50HzAdvanced CPU Control CircuitCapacity 5000 VA (max)Accurate..
Brand: Blue Gate Model: 2000 WATTS
Blue Gate 2kva Automatic Voltage Stabilizer comes with Over-voltage Low-voltage delayed output, short circuit and High temperature protection 98% Efficiency Circuit breaker Classic series, EI transformer, relay type etcKEY FEATUREWide input voltage range (Super Low model also available)Over-voltage,..
Brand: Blue Gate Model: 5000 WATTS
Blue Gate 5kva Automatic Voltage Stabilizer comes with 2M Insulation Resistance Over Voltage Protection High Temperature Protection LED indicator light Pointer voltmeter/LCD display mode etcKEY FEATURESInput And Output DisplayOver Voltage ProtectionOver Load ProtectionLow Ou..
Brand: Century Model: CVR-TUB 1000VA
The Century 1000VA Automatic Voltage Stabilizer CVR-TUB 1000VA allows the user to control the voltage of an industrial equipment. This is made possible with a delay mechanism that protects the device. It comes with a Complete Output Regulation built for durable use.KEY FEATURES:Capacity 1000 VA,For&..
Brand: Century Model: CVR-TUB 3000VA
Century 3000W TUB Stabilizer has a capacity of 3000VA and an output of 230V and is ideal for very large chest freezers,small air conditioners. It also has delay mechanism for extra protection of your appliances and complete output regulation. Get Durability with Century stabilizers.Key Features:3000..
Brand: Century Model: 5000WATTS
Century 5000W Wall Mount Automatic Voltage Stabilizer; Digital display,Reliable,Regulates current,Pick from 100v,Delay function,Regulates power fluctuations dat are harmful to ur appliance.KEY FEATURES:The CVR-TUB 5000VA-B is the perfect solution to stabilize and maximize your AC’s efficiencyIdeal f..
Brand: Century Model: CVR-TUB 10000VA
Century Automatic Voltage Stabilizer CVR-TUB 10000VA-B will help protect your home and office appliances from irregular voltage that could damage them. With the kind of erratic power supply that happens without notice, If your appliance is connected to this stabilizer, the voltage from pub..
Brand: Century Model: CVR-TUB 8000VA
Century 8000W TUB Stabilizer will help protect your home and office appliances from irregular voltage that could damage them. It is specially made to tackle low voltage, high voltage and power fluctuation. It will give you rest of mind because it will protect all your appliances. It is suitable for ..
Brand: DURAVOLT Model: DV-5000i
Meet the DuraVolt 5kva Automatic Voltage Wall Mount Stabilizer - DV 5000i, your guardian against power fluctuations. This stabilizer is tailor-made for air conditioners, ranging from 1 H.P to 3 H.P. Whether it's a 1.5 H.P AC at 120V or higher, a 2 H.P AC at 130V or higher, or a robust 3 H.P AC at 14..
Brand: Mercury Model: 5000KVA
Protect your precious appliances from damage.  The Mercury 5000VA Automatic Voltage Regulator AVR Stabilizer A5000D monitors all incoming electricity and regulates voltage fluctuations.  Automatically steps up low voltage and stepping down high voltage to levels th..
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