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Buy Quality Binatone 2B Table Top Glass Finish Gas Cooker GGC-002 @ Ighomall Nigeria

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Buy Quality Binatone 2B Table Top Glass Finish Gas Cooker GGC-002 @ Ighomall Nigeria
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Binatone GGC-002 features premium quality gas cooker, 2 Hobs with a toughened glass top, a heavy duty diffuser, extra strong pan-rest, and a Japanese piezo ignition system that eliminates the need for matches and batteries. To top it off, there's a quality cast burner for optimal gas savings and a reliable valve regulator for superior performance. Superbly designed and ergonomically compact in design, this cooker is sure to provide exceptional results.


Premium Quality Gas Cooker
This outstanding gas cooker is made with the highest quality materials available, and is designed to be both reliable and durable. The stainless steel housing ensures durability, while the glass top finish gives it a sleek, polished look. The two hobs are perfect for all cooking needs, from short-term frying to long-term simmering.

Heavy Duty Diffuser
The heavy-duty diffuser ensures that the heat produced is evenly spread, allowing for perfect cooking results every time. The built-in safety features ensure that the cooktop will not overheat, and that the heat is evenly distributed. This prevents any accidental burns or scorching.

Extra Strong Pan Rest
The extra strong pan rest is designed to securely hold your cooking pans in place, making the cooking experience more enjoyable and convenient. The pan rest is also adjustable, making it easy to adjust the positioning of the base of your cookware. This prevents spills and eliminates unnecessary spillage of food or liquid.

Japanese Piezo Ignition System
The Binatone 2B Table Top Gas Cooker utilises a Japanese Piezo ignition system. This system ensures a reliable start-up each and every time without the need for matches or batteries. The system is also designed to be safe, meaning you can cook without any risk of fire or electric shock.

No More Matches or Batteries
This gas cooker is specifically designed so that it does not require any matches or batteries. This eliminates the need for buying additional items to get the job done. It also ensures that the cooking process is quicker and easier, as all you need to do is press the ignition switch and the fuel will ignite itself with minimal effort.

Quality Cast Burner
The quality cast burner is designed with precision. It provides a balanced and even flow of gas to the flames, ensuring that each hob remains hot and ready for use. The cast iron design also ensures that the burner is durable and reliable, meaning that you can enjoy using your gas cooker with no breakages.

Reliable Valve Regulator
The cooker features a reliable valve regulator to control and regulate the gas flow. This ensures that the flame stays at an even level, and prevents any over-use of gas. The valve also helps to keep the air clean, as the exhaust gas is regulated to a safe level.

Ergonomically Compact in Design
The Binatone 2B Table Top Gas Cooker has been designed with the user in mind. Its ergonomic design makes it easier to use and store, while its compact size means that it can fit easily into any kitchen. The cooker is also lightweight and easy to move, making it an ideal choice for those who may lack in space.

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