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BRUHM GAS COOKER BGC-5531SB BLACK 50*50 3 GAS + 1E image
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This top-of-the-range cooking appliance is equipped to help you create in the kitchen like a professional. Featuring three gas burners and one hot plate, a piping system, an oven with a double glass door, plus a range of colour and material options, from inox to silver, black and white, the appliance also comes with a tray, grid and adjustable legs, as well as LPG and auto-ignition adjustment.

The BRUHM Gas Cooker BGC-5531SB BLACK 50*50 3 GAS + 1E is a professional level gas range ready to sweeten up any kitchen. Designed to provide reliable and efficient cooking, this gas range is suitable for residential, hospitality, and light commercial venues alike. It features 3 gas burners and 1 hot plate as well as a deep and wide gas oven, making it an ideal choice for those looking for both convenience and usability in one gas cooker.

3 Gas burners and 1 hot Plate
The BRUHM Gas Cooker has 3 gas burners and a hot plate, giving it a total of 4 cooking zones. The burners are a Pipe type system/Euro burner kind, meaning they provide fast and efficient heat transfer and are more reliable than other types of burners. This design also provides a greater space-efficiency, and because the burners are gas-powered, they are very energy-efficient. The hot plate is made from thicker material for maximum stability and supports the weight of large pots and skillets.

Gas Oven
The gas oven is designed to provide maximum efficiency as it features a double glass oven door, metal-glass lip and optional inox/silver/black/white panels. This allows the oven to heat up quickly and evenly, making it great for baking. Additionally, the gas oven also features 1 tray and 1 grid, which provide ample baking and roasting space for large meals.

Additional Features
Some additional features on the BRUHM Gas Cooker include adjustable legs, LPG adjustment to ensure optimal use with different gas sources, and auto-ignition, which allows a quick and easy lighting of the burners.

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