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Cooktops, Range Hoood, and Oven

Buy best and quality Cooktops, Range Hoood, and Oven products

At Ighomall, we understand the importance of a well-equipped kitchen, which is why we offer a comprehensive selection of cooktops, range hoods, and ovens to suit every cooking style and preference. Whether you're a gourmet chef or a busy home cook, our range of kitchen appliances is designed to make meal preparation a breeze.

Our cooktops come in a variety of styles, including gas, electric, and induction, allowing you to choose the perfect option for your cooking needs. With precise temperature control and advanced features such as timer settings and safety locks, our cooktops offer both versatility and convenience, making it easier than ever to achieve delicious results every time.

For effective ventilation and odour removal, our range hoods are a must-have addition to any kitchen. Available in sleek and modern designs, our range hoods efficiently extract smoke, grease, and cooking odours, ensuring a clean and fresh cooking environment. With adjustable fan speeds and easy-to-clean filters, our range hoods combine functionality with style for a seamless kitchen experience.

Complete your kitchen setup with one of our high-quality ovens, designed to deliver consistent baking and roasting results. Whether you prefer a built-in wall oven or a freestanding cooker, our ovens feature spacious interiors, multiple cooking modes, and intuitive controls for maximum convenience. With durable construction and reliable performance, our ovens are built to withstand the demands of daily cooking.

Upgrade your kitchen with Ighomall's range of cooktops, range hoods, and ovens and experience the joy of cooking in style. From versatile cooktops to powerful range hoods and efficient ovens, our kitchen appliances are designed to meet the needs of modern households. Explore our collection today and elevate your culinary experience with Ighomall.

Brand: Polystar Products Model: PV-BD25BBL
A 25Litres capacity is serious value for your money. A grill, digital control, speedy defrost and oven function makes it the perfect appliance for those who want every minute spent in the kitchen to count.KEY FEATURES:Polystar 25Ltr built-in microwave oven with frame kitGrill function Black steel ca..
Brand: Polystar Products Model: PV-HBG3802
Polystar 3 Burner Tempered Glass Hob | PV-HBG3802FEATURES:POLYSTAR 3 BURNERTEMPERED GLASSGAS HOBELECTRIC IGNITION WITH BS PLUGBLACK COLOURPOLYSTAR is a leading brand in the consumer electronics sub-sector of Nigeria’s large electronics market.The brand over time has carved a niche for itself in the ..
Brand: Polystar Products Model: PV-GT60G3H
Polystar 3 x 1 In Built Gas Hob PV-GT60G3H is durable and efficient for your kitchen. It comes with heavy cast iron support, metal knob, 8mm glass thickness, triple ring rapid work burn and electric ignition with BS plug.KEY FEATURES:Polystar 3 by 1 in-built gas hub8mm glass thickness, Tripple ring ..
Brand: Polystar Products Model: PV-GT60G4
Polystar 4 burner Gas Hob with Glass Cooktop PV-GT60G4 has triple ring work burner, 8mm thickness tempered glass cooktop, auxiliary burner and iron cast pan with rapid burner.KEY FEATURES:Polystar 4 burner Gas hob with glass cooktopTripple ring work burner8mm thickness tempered glass cooktopAuxiliar..
Brand: Polystar Products Model: PV-90G4E1B
Polystar 4 Gas Burners And 1 Hot Plate Built-In Gas Hob PV-90G4E1B is the best cooker for your kitchen. It comes with 8mm tempered glass panel, metal knob, enamel drip pan, beveled glass panel and quality sitter.  KEY FEATURES:8 MM TEMPERED GLASS PANELBLACK IRON COATING BOTTOMHEAVY CAST- I..
Brand: Polystar Products Model: PV-HBG5801
Polystar 5 Burners In-Built Gas Hob PV-HBG5801 is the best cooker you need in your kitchen. It comes with black tempered glass, stainless steel water tray, chinese sebaf burner, electri ignition and metal knob.KEY FEATURES:Panel:BlackTEMPERED glass + stainless steel with 5 burners    &nbs..
Brand: Polystar Products Model: PV-JY9013
Polystar 90*60cm Digital Range Hood | PV-JY9013Big tempered glass width size:900mmWith 1 piece of 450mm 201# SS cover hood 2 pieces 5 layers aluminum filter and carbon filter                    &..
Brand: Polystar Products Model: PV-JY9067
Brand: Polystar Products Model: PVCM-273A
Polystar Built-In Dual Oven-PVCM-273A is a perfect fit for your kitchen with auto ignition,mechanical timer,full inner removable glass,easy clean black enameled cavity,mechanical control panel and five shelf positions side rack and standard bottom tray.Key Features:Built-in dual ovenFull tempered gl..
Brand: Polystar Products Model: PV-JY9066RM
PV-JY9066RMPolystar 900m Rangehood, Digital Display Touch with hand wave/sensor3-speed control with activated carbon/charcoal filter and copper motorLED light with remote control ..
Brand: ScanFrost Model: SFC640B
The Scanfrost Built-In Gas Cooker Hob- SFC640B helps to cook food properly and on time. Scanfrost products are known to be tested and trusted, and to bring nothing but convenience just like this product which aids multi tasking, different types of food can be cooked at the same time thereby saving t..
Brand: ScanFrost Model: SFC9501B
The Scanfrost Built-In Gas Cooker Hob- SFC9501B helps to cook food properly and on time. Scanfrost products are known to be tested and trusted, and to bring nothing but convenience just like this product which aids multi tasking, different types of food can be cooked at the same time thereby saving ..
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