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Discover Ighomall Nigeria's Extensive Range of Scanfrost Appliances

Discover a Range of High-Quality Scanfrost Appliances

Discover a wide range of high-quality Scanfrost appliances at Ighomall Nigeria. Our collection includes a variety of innovative and reliable Scanfrost products designed to enhance your home and kitchen experience. From refrigerators and freezers to washing machines, ovens, and more, Scanfrost offers cutting-edge technology and exceptional performance. Explore our selection of Scanfrost appliances and elevate your home with reliable and efficient solutions.

At Ighomall Nigeria, we take pride in bringing you the best-in-class Scanfrost appliances to cater to your diverse household needs. Whether you're looking to upgrade your kitchen with a sleek and spacious refrigerator or seeking a powerful washing machine to simplify laundry chores, Scanfrost has it all. With their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Scanfrost has become a trusted name in the Nigerian market.

Our range of Scanfrost refrigerators offers various sizes and designs to suit different kitchen spaces and storage requirements. Equipped with advanced cooling technology, these refrigerators ensure your food stays fresh for longer while consuming less energy, helping you save on electricity bills. The sturdy build and modern aesthetics of Scanfrost refrigerators add a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

When it comes to laundry solutions, Scanfrost washing machines are a perfect blend of performance and convenience. From top-loading to front-loading models, these washing machines are engineered to handle various fabric types with precision and care. The advanced features like multiple wash programs, quick wash, and energy-saving modes make laundry day a breeze.

Say goodbye to tedious cooking with Scanfrost ovens that offer precise temperature control and even cooking for delicious meals every time. Whether you're baking, grilling, or roasting, these ovens deliver consistent results, making them a must-have for every aspiring home chef.

In addition to refrigerators, washing machines, and ovens, our Scanfrost collection includes other appliances like chest freezers, air conditioners, gas cookers, water dispensers, and more. Each product is built to meet the highest standards of quality, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

Shop for Scanfrost appliances at Ighomall Nigeria and experience the perfect blend of modern technology, efficiency, and style for your home. With our easy-to-navigate website and secure payment options, you can now upgrade your home with top-notch Scanfrost appliances with just a few clicks. Transform your daily routines and create a comfortable living environment with Scanfrost - the brand you can trust.

Brand: ScanFrost Model: CK6312NG
The Scanfrost Wood Finish Gas Burners CK-6312 , This helps to cook food properly and on time.Scanfrost products are known to be tested and trusted, and to bring nothing but convenience just like Scanfrost Wood Finish Gas Burners CK-6312 which aids multi tasking, different types of food can be c..
Brand: ScanFrost Model: SFACFS27K
The Scanfrost 3HP 27K Floor Standing Split Unit Air Conditioner SFACFS27K is a high-performance air conditioning system designed to provide efficient and reliable cooling for homes and offices. With its powerful 3HP compressor and advanced technology, this unit can cool spaces up to 27,000 BTU. Its ..
Brand: ScanFrost Model: SFWTDI1200
 Scanfrost-Hot and Cold Water Dispenser SFWTDI1200 is suitable for 3 to 5 gallons of water and a distinctive thermal isolation minimizing heat exchange between hot and cold waterKEY FEATURESSuitable for bottle of 3 to 5 gallonsDistinctive thermal isolation minimizing heat exchange between hot &..
Brand: ScanFrost Model: SFWMTTC
Scanfrost Semi-Automatic Washing Machine will help you take care of your laundry in the most efficient manner. With a 9.2Kg capacity, you will be able to do a lot of washing at a time. The machine is designed with separate wash and spin tubs. When you wash your clothes, the spin tub will all..
Brand: ScanFrost Model: SFR300DM
The Scanfrost 294 Liters Double Door Refrigerator is a reliable and efficient cooling solution for your home. With a spacious capacity of 294 liters, this refrigerator is perfect for storing all your fresh food items, beverages, and more. The direct cool technology ensures quick and uniform cooling,..
Brand: ScanFrost Model: SFACS12INM
The Scanfrost 2.0HP Inverter Split Air Conditioner (SFAC18INM) is a powerful cooling solution designed to provide efficient and effective cooling for your space. With its 2.0HP capacity, it delivers optimal cooling performance while consuming less energy, helping you save on electricity bills. The i..
Brand: ScanFrost Model: SFACS12M
Scanfrost 1.5HP Split Air Conditioner With Wave Technology SFACS12M has a Copper Coil Condenser, an Auto Restart Function and Low Voltage Compatibility.KEY FEATURESType: 1.5HPCopper Coil CondenserAuto Restart FunctionLow Voltage CompatibilityLouvre Position MemoryTurbo Mode 2 Ye..
Brand: ScanFrost Model: SFKAB 410
Scanfrost 1.5L Blender SFKAB 410 has 1.5 Litres Capacity Food Grade Plastic Jar, a 2 Speed control with pulse function , an Extra Mill Jar and a  Safety Lock for JugKEY FEATURES 1.5 Litres Capacity Food Grade Plastic Jar 400 W Powerful Copper Motor 2 Speed control wi..
Brand: ScanFrost Model: SFKAB 411
The Scanfrost Blender SFKAB 411 is a 2 speed control with pulse function, it has an extra mill jar and 400w powerful copper motor. It is highly efficient and will continue to serve you well for a long time.KEY FEATURES1.5 Litres Capacity Food Grade Plastic Jar400 W Powerful Copper Motor2 Speed Con..
Brand: ScanFrost Model: SFKAB 404
 ScanFrost 1.5L Blender with Mill SFKAB 404 is a 2 speed with pulse blender, which has a 600w motor with grinder and a blue led light with chrome finish.KEY FEATURES600 Watt Motor with grinder1.5 L Glass Jar2 speed with PulseBlue LED Light with Chrome finish..
Brand: ScanFrost Model: SFKAB 407
ScanFrost 1.5L Blender with Mill SFKAB 407 has a capacity of 1.5l, a stainless steel body,and a600w multiple speedKEY FEATURESCapacity: 1.5LGlass JarStainless Steel BodyKnob 2 speedBlue LED light600W (Multiple Speed) ..
Brand: ScanFrost Model: SFKAB409
 ScanFrost 1.5L Blender with Mill SFKAB 409 is Designed in a 1.5 litre capacity, with a 600w powered motor with motor grinder, in Black and White colour, the Scanfrost Blender SFKAB 409 comes in a 2 speed with pulse design, with a minimal and compact outline which makes it simple to store ..
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