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Fire Extinguishers - Essential Fire Safety Gadgets for Your Peace of Mind

Buy best and quality Fire Extinguisher products

Discover a wide range of reliable and effective fire extinguishers at Ighomall Nigeria. Our selection of fire safety gadgets is designed to protect your home, office, or commercial space from the threat of fire. With various types and sizes available, you can find the perfect fire extinguisher to suit your specific needs. Ensure the safety of your property and loved ones by investing in high-quality fire extinguishers from Ighomall Nigeria.

Ighomall Nigeria offers quality products at the best price you can never get elsewhere, we do follow-up on every of our sold products, just to ensure you enjoy what you buy. We offer delivery within Nigeria and you can also pick-up from our store.

Brand: UNIVERSAL Model: 2kg CO2 Fire Extinguisher
This 2kg CO2 Fire Extinguisher is portable which makes it suitable for both home and car use. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers extinguish the fire by taking away the oxygen element of the fire triangle and also by removing the heat with a very cold discharge. It can be used on class B &am..
Brand: UNIVERSAL Model: 3Kg CO2 Fire Extinguisher- Red
Ideal for modern offices, electronic risks and fires caused by the combustion of liquids such as: Oils, fats, solvents etc. Carbon Steel cylinder with a safe swivel horn which gives these fire extinguishers a much higher fire rating.FEATURES: B Fire, flammable liquids, Gasoline, propane, and ..
Brand: UNIVERSAL Model: 5kg CO2 Fire Extinguisher
FEATURES:Height: 650mmDiameter: 152mmMass empty: 12.5kgMass full: 17.5kgCharge: 5kgMax working pressure: 15000kPaTest pressure: 25000kPaBurst pressure: ›35000kPaSafety valve: 20000kPa Burst Disc..
Brand: UNIVERSAL Model: 6Kg DCP Fire Extinguisher
FEATURES:Extinguisher Rating 27A 183B CBAFE approved manufacturing processCE approved and Kitemarked to BS EN3 Supplied complete with wall bracket Pre commissioned and ready for mountingTough alloy steel cylinderStored pressure for enhanced reliability and efficiencySafety pin to reduce in..
Brand: ELIDE Model: ELP-CI1404001
Powder Fire Extinguisher Breaker Ball - 100% Stop Fire in 3 SecondsThe ultra-efficient fire stopping powder ball is the fastest way to stop any fire. Just throw the ball and it will activate itself in just 3 seconds and stop the fire with its powder consisted from scientifically proven chemicals.Tak..
Brand: UNIVERSAL Model: Fire Extinguisher DCP 9kg
SPECIFICATIONS:Height: 580mmDiameter: 175mmMass empty: 3.9kgMass full: 12.9kgCharge: >12secWorking pressure: 1400kPaTest pressure: 2100kPaBurst pressure: >5500kPaSafety valve: +/- 2200kPa..
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